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The Sandy Hook Shootings

22 Dec

I am still trying to figure out what exactly happened at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14th 2012. One of the official news stories is that ‘a lone gunman’ went into a school armed with 2 pistols and a shot gun. He shot and killed 26 people and then killed himself. Niall Bradley, a writer with Veterans Today has documented the multitude of changing details and facts that keep surfacing about the shooting. Some news stories are even claiming that a gunman was actually arrested in the woods near Sandy Hook. Here’s the link to Niall’s article so that you can try to decide for yourself what happened at Sandy Hook.  While so many news outlets report the story as though it’s a done deal, I’ll keep trying to figure out the facts.

I must mention also as a side note that I do not like conspiracy theory (there seems to be a lot of conspiracy talk surrounding the shootings). I would much rather focus on facts and empirical evidence. With that in mind, many of us have seen the footage on YouTube of Robbie Parker laughing merely seconds before giving a speech about his daughter Emilie Parker who was killed in the shootings. All I can really say is that I find it odd that a father would be laughing right before giving a speech about his daughter who died suddenly. To me it seems like if your child had been killed suddenly you would look more somber, you would probably be trying to compose yourself before getting on TV to talk about your deceased child. You would probably still be trying to work through your grief, not laughing about something right before speaking about her. That’s just making an observation though. Someone else might watch the clip and come to a different conclusion.

The real story to me in all of this seems to be school shootings in general and the availability of guns. How do we try to solve the problem of these school shootings? My first suggestion would be to take down the signs that advertise schools as ‘gun free zones’. What would happen if you advertised your neighborhood as a ‘gun free zone’? How do you think armed criminals would feel upon seeing that your neighborhood was gun free? To me ‘gun free zone’ signs are a broadcast that you are a sitting duck. In other words it is suggesting to armed criminals that if they were to come into this ‘gun free zone’ with a gun, people are less likely to be able to defend themselves using lethal and deadly force. It may seem like a strange idea to you, but what if a sign was put up reading ‘teachers inside may be armed and prepared to defend their classrooms with lethal and deadly force’. Really think it over instead of just thinking the statement is extreme.

If you had been in a classroom and an armed gunman went on a rampage, how different would you feel sitting right next to a friend who is familiar with guns, armed and ready to use that firearm to protect the classroom? At least you would have some type of chance at self defense. Some people make the argument for more police presence, or armed guards being placed at schools. This doesn’t sit well with me. First off it places the responsibility of personal protection into the hands of a third party. To me that would also normalize the concept of having armed police around all the time, which to me resembles more of a police state than the free society America is attempting to get back to being. Generally speaking, people who carry guns for protection tend to be more responsible than irresponsible. If you have gone through the trouble to get a concealment license, you are probably not going to want to do anything to mess that up. Let teachers who have their concealment license, carry on school property. At the college level, students should be able to carry. Our personal safety and protection are our own individual responsibility first and foremost, not the responsibility of the government or police. Keep in mind also that police for the most part show up after a crime is committed in order to clean up or try to prevent further crimes from occurring. We are the first responders when a crime is occurring against us. The idea of banning guns is a bad argument. All that does is guarantee that criminals will be able to access guns, while the good guys remain defenseless. Besides, America is not really set up for gun bans. The constitution recognizes the right of the individual to keep arms. The keyword here is right to keep arms. You do not have to ask permission from anyone if something is recognized as a right. The gun ban argument suggests the context that the government lets us, or gives us permission to have guns. This is not true. Having permission and having a right are two different things. The government recognizes our right as stated in the constitution to keep arms.

Think it over. Good individuals who carry firearms are a plus when dealing with criminals who carry firearms. I’m not saying that there is a perfect solution to every situation, but for the very least I think individuals should be able to defend their lives using lethal and deadly force against a bad person intent on doing harm with lethal and deadly force.