Hello readers. The purpose of this blog is to put my ideas on personal liberty out in the open. If you are here reading this, chances are you like the concepts of personal freedom, liberty and individuality. If you are here reading this you have probably at some point in your adult life asked yourself, ‘how can we solve more problems with more personal liberty rather than government intervention?’ I just happen to also be a brown person (a person considered to be non-white by American census standards) that will be talking about a lot of different events, political and racial issues from a pro liberty context.


After the 2012 presidential election and Romney’s and the Republicans loss (which they worked very dedicatedly hard to earn mind you) the ‘minority vote’ began to surface as a key issue. Suddenly questions were being asked like: ‘what can the GOP do to earn the minority vote?’ and ‘How does the GOP attract more blacks, latinos and young people?’ I figured with me filling all 3 of those criteria, my opinions would be a good case study. I’d like to provide a nice one stop shop to find out what a young brown person in America is thinking politically and racially. So happy reading and please spread the word on this blog. I think we are at a critical point in this country where we need to promote the idea of personal liberty. My name is Eagle Juror and I hope that I can be of some service to anyone who is wondering what some brown people may be thinking, and hopefully a source of validation to other brown people that may think the same way I do.


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