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A quick word on Ebola

20 Oct

I don’t really watch the news. My main news sources are Vice News, the reports that Ben Swann does, NPR, Jack Hunter’s Rare Liberty and occasionally The Daily Paul. I’ve found the mainstream news to be mainly a waste of time. Reporters on CNN, FOX or NBC news seem to be focused on peddling fear to increase ratings. I find all the major networks to also mainly report the same news in the same types of contexts using basically the same words. In my opinion there’s always a bit of an over exaggeration to mainstream news reports. I think we are seeing that with the Ebola reporting.

Don’t get me wrong, Ebola is a serious thing and my heart goes out to any of the families that have lost someone due to Ebola, but when I see the reporting on TV about Ebola I wonder to myself, (just as I did when the mainstream news reported on swine flu and bird flu) “how many people have actually caught this in America as compared to the entire population of America ?” What’s the count, 4 in America so far have Ebola? How many hours of mainstream news have been dedicated to reporting on Ebola?

Lastly why are soldiers being sent to Africa to help combat Ebola, and why so many of them? Wouldn’t you need to send doctors instead of soldiers? And (I’m sure you saw this coming) where does the money come from to send so many soldiers to Africa when America is 18 trillion in debt?